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Posted on 11-03-2017

5 Common Pet Emergencies

At the Allenstown Animal Hospital, we know that emergency strikes unannounced and can cause hard decisions for pet owners. An estimated 92% of pets will face a severe emergency of some kind within their lifetime, according to PetPlace. Here are some common pet emergencies and what signs you may notice to help you determine what care is necessary.

vet and dog during exam

Blunt Force Trauma Care From Your Allenstown Veterinarian

If your cat or dog experiences an accident with blunt force trauma, such as a car accident, you will want to come visit us as soon as possible. Even a seemingly minor bump can cause internal injuries that are life threatening. Some injuries take hours to present symptoms, so get help immediately if an accident occurs.

Toxin Ingestion Emergencies

We all know that pets will get into things and don’t realize what might be extremely harmful to them. Cats love the sweet taste of antifreeze, yet it is detrimental to their health. Dogs may eat chocolate or other foods that are toxic to their health. Pets may also get into medications, cleaners, sugar-free gum, insecticides, fertilizers, paint, batteries, plants and other things that could poison your pet. Call us immediately if you are concerned about something your pet has ingested and we can help you determine if immediate veterinary care is needed.

Allergic Reactions and Symptoms

Itchy skin, swelling, hives and fur loss can all be signs of an allergy that may need veterinarian care, but is not an emergency. However, if your pet experiences difficulty breathing, profuse vomiting, severe diarrhea or lethargy, seek immediate care from our Allenstown animal hospital.

Bite Wounds and Damage

When animals get bitten by other pets or wild animals, underlying damage may be more extensive that the outside appearance. Seek immediate care when possible for bite wounds to address potential infection and disease.

Difficulty Urinating

When your cat or dog struggles to urinate, there may be a buildup of crystals or stones in their bladder that goes beyond a urinary tract infection. This can be caused by inflammation, cancer, stress or blood clots, so you will want to see your veterinarian in Allenstown immediately.

Contact Allenstown Veteriaan Immediately For Any Pet Emergency

When your pet appears to have a health problem, you are faced with determining what care he or she may need without being able to ask questions or get clear answers to understand what is wrong. If you are concerned about a potential emergency for your pet, please call us immediately at (603)485-7133.

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