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Posted on 11-28-2017

Treating & Preventing Common Dog Dental Problems

Caring for a dog requires consideration for every area of your pet's health. A veterinarian in Allenstown recognizes the risks to your pet's oral health and provides dental care to treat the most common problems that may develop in a dog. By understanding the potential risks and caring for your pet's teeth, you limit complications with an animal's health.

dog getting teeth brushed by vet

Broken Teeth

Broken teeth are a common problem that occurs when your dog bites a hard object or is injured in an accident. The specific risks to your pet's teeth depend on your lifestyle, but a pet dental treatment in Allenstown to address the broken tooth helps limit risks to your pet's mouth from jagged edges or pain from the tooth.

Abscessed Teeth

An abscessed tooth refers to an infected tooth that may require a root canal. You want to treat this problem at an early stage to prevent the bacteria causing the infection from spreading to the jaw and throughout your pet's body.


Cavities occur in a variety of pets based on their lifestyle. You can limit the risk of cavities with proper oral hygiene and regular preventative care. When a veterinarian in Allenstown identifies a cavity, a pet receives proper treatment to reduce the risk of an infection or root canal.

When to Seek Treatment from an Allenstown Veterinarian

An Allenstown veterinarian provides the treatment your pets need to prevent complications with their teeth or treat a current problem. Generally, you want to set up an appointment to prevent problems on an annual or bi-annual basis. We may recommend regular cleanings to limit the risk of cavities or infections. We also suggest visiting when your pet is injured and a tooth breaks or you notice your pet seems to feel pain when eating or chewing on toys.

Dental problems in dogs require proper treatment and care. By seeking a pet dental treatment in Allenstown, you limit the risk of complications and keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy. To learn more about our treatments or for an appointment, call 603-485-7133 today.

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