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Gene - Technician Supervisor

Gene is our head technician with over 15 years of technical experience. Prior to working at Allenstown Animal Hospital, Gene worked as a veterinary technician in Southern California for 6 years. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Lacey (also a veterinary technician) and his son, Jake. He is an avid poker player and loves to golf, camp, and go fishing.

Baci - Resident Clown

Dr. Watkins' dog Baci makes sure everyone is entertained at the reception desk.

Ashley - Veterinary Technician

Ashley is a veterinary technician on our staff. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys horseback riding, spending time with her husband, George, and playing with her 2 dogs, Brutus and Stryker, and 3 cats, Chaquita, Cuddles, and Missy.

Tara - Veterinary Technician

Tara is a veterinary technician at our hospital. When not busy at work, she prefers to be outdoors playing sports, hiking and spending time with her husband and daughter, 4 cats, Toni, Jack, Hopey and Desiree, and Diego, her Miniature Dachshund.

Luna - Resident Princess

Here's Baci's helper, Luna, on her first day at the hospital.

Barb - Receptionist

Barb was born and raised in Manchester NH and now lives in Loudon with her husband, Dave, and their 2 boys, Drew and Troy. Barb's four-legged family includes Zoe the cat, and their 2 rescue dogs, Charlotte and Rose. Barb enjoys quilting, sculpting, and spending time with her family. She also spends time at the Concord SPCA and Live & Let Live farm where she has been volunteering over the last several years. Barb is interested in learning more about animal behavior and training.